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There has been an increasing trend in the number of prescribed and over-the-counter drug recall over the last few years. The recall is usually due to company’s discovery, customer’s complaint or Food and Drug Administration (FDA) observation. The process of recall involves a planned specific course of action, which addresses the depth of recall, need for public warning, and the extent of effectiveness checks for the recall. Product recalls clashes thousands of companies every year affecting: sales, testing customer relationships and disrupting supply chains. Drug recall is incubus for pharmaceutical companies. It effects the reputation of the company. The reason for the recall can be divided into two categories: manufacturing related and safety/efficacy related. It is essential to follow all the guidelines related to drug development and manufacturing procedure so as to minimize drug recall.



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Article received on- 4 September; Revised on- 12 October; Accepted on- 16 October 2016, Available online 15 November 2016

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