• Dr. Rola Jad Allah Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine


It is my great honor to become Editorial Board Member of Universal Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (UJPR). It is also a great pleasure for me to be invited at speaking again for a period of time in addition to my previous publications. The UJPR has grown up for four years. From aim and scope of UJPR, it has been covering a broad of multidisciplinary areas in pharmaceutical science including basic fields, molecular images, clinical trials and other medical practice, to increase the impact factor of journal. A considerable fact provides strong validation that authors might prepare high quality of their intensive original researches, the subject of pharmaceutical molecular mechanism of drugs, and the systemic exploration of medicinal herbs among folk medicines

The journal is publishing and reviewing papers that future research needs to fill in order to move toward implementation. It is my hope that the fields our journal covers will begin to critically think about and prioritize the field’s research needs to guide the development of a robust future research agenda. Some submitted papers develop new methodologies to calculate reimbursement for medical services to realize the benefits of medical research in future present medical system.

Universal Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (UJPR) provides an important forum to address critical issues in the field, exchange new ideas and disseminate the latest developments in basic research, clinical translation, industrial development and regulatory issues.

The editorial team will work hard to enhance the quality of papers, reduce the turnaround time for manuscripts, increase the publication frequency, provide fair and meaningful reviews and smoothen the editorial management process. We wish to take the journal in a direction where it encompasses all the emerging areas, reflecting the practice-oriented approach, which is an essential link between academic research and professional practice. Our main objective will be to strengthen the boundaries of the journal, to strengthen the reviewer database, and to motivate potential authors to contribute to the journal.

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