Pharmacopoeias are official sources that contain national and international rules that must be complied with legally and scientifically regarding substances, materials, drugs, devices and methods used in pharmaceutical field and pharmaceutical production. The monographs are consisted of general titles such as definition, production, characters, identification, tests, assay, storage, labelling and impurities. The World Health Organization states that sixtyeight different pharmacopoeia continue to be used effectively in fifty six countries around the world. In this review information about national and international wold pharmacopoeias, structure and general content of pharmacopoeias, and monograph elaboration techniques are given.

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Received 26 April 2020; Revised 25 May; Accepted 3 July, Available online 15 July 2020

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Name: Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Wahab Sayed Abourehab

Affiliation: Umm Al-Qura University;  Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia



Name: Heba M. Abd-El-Azim

Affiliation: Faculty of Pharmacy – Damanhour University



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Keywords: General monograph, International pharmacopoeia, monograph elaboration, national pharmacopoeia, national monograph, Pharmacopoeia
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