Dendrimers are hyper-branched macromolecules having tree like structure, consisting of a core molecule and alternating layers of monomers. Due to their unique architecture these have improved physical and chemical properties like high solubility, miscibility and reactivity.  Dendrimers consist of well defined size, shape, molecular weight and monodispersity. These properties formulate the dendrimers a suitable carrier in drug delivery application. These are built from number of molecular entities of colloidal particles that exists in equilibrium with the molecules or ions in nature and due to these increases the solubility of poorly soluble drugs. Dendrimers have the ability to encapsulate and bind the guest molecule can be used for solubility enhancement, sustained release and various drug delivery applications. The terminal groups are modified to attach biologically active substances for targeting purpose. Dendrimers are suitable for a wide range of targeted drug delivery, controlled drug delivery, gene delivery and industrial applications. This review gives concise information about the dendrimers, its synthesis, characterization and application in drug delivery.


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Received 9 June 2017;   Revised 4 July; Accepted 9 July, Available online 15 July 2017

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Name: Areen Alshweiat

Affiliation: University of Szeged, Hungary



Name: Dr. Liliya Logoyda

Affiliation: Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine


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Keywords: Dendrimers, monomers, solubility enhancement, drug delivery
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