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How to correct metabolic syndrome?



Seema Shah Murad Mastoi, Gynecologist at NMC Karachi

Shah Murad, Professor of Pharmacology, IMDC-Islamabad.

Abdul Ghaffar Mastoi, CWO at DANTH, Isd-Pakistan

Jamila Shah Murad, Psychologist at BU Islamabad Pakistan

Naeem Khalid, Opthalmologist at 21-A, Faisal town, Lahore Pakistan

A Qudoos, Assoc Prof of Pharmacology at HBSMC Islamabad Pakistan


  1. Murad, Professor/HOD of Pharmacology

Islamabad Medical & Dental College, main Murree road, Islamabad, Pakistan

Email:,,  CELL: 00923142243415


National HOSPITAL, LAHORE, Pakistan was study area, which was conducted from January 2017 to April 2017. Seventy five  diagnosed primary  hyperlipidemic patients were selected with age range from twenty  to sixty years. Diabetes mellitus, cigarette smoking/alcohol addictive patients, peptic ulcer disease, hypothyroidism, kidney dysfunction, any heart disease and liver disease. All patients were divided in three groups, ie;  25 in each group. All participant’s baseline lipid profile data were taken and filed in specifically designed Performa, at start of taking medicine. Twenty five patients of group-I were advised to take 10 grams of Flaxseeds in three divided doses after meal. Twenty five patients of group-II were advised to take Ajwain seeds 10 grams in three divided doses after each meal for two months. Twenty five patients of group-III were provided placebo capsules, (containing grinded rice), taking one capsule after each meal. All participants were advised to take these medicines for eight weeks. Followup period: All participants were called fortnightly for their query and  follow up. Their LDL-cholesterol, and HDL-cholesterol was determined at the hospital laboratory. In two months therapy by Flaxseeds decreased LDL-cholesterol 6.2 % and increased HDL-cholesterol 7.7 %. Ajwain reduced LDL-cholesterol 8.9 % and HDL-cholesterol increased 13.1 %. All changes are biostatistically significant with p-value of <0.01. Conclusion: It was concluded from the research that both Flaxseeds and Ajwain are effective in Primary Hyperlipidemia, if used for two months with specific concentrations.